“DANGER’S WORLD” Coming Soon! 🌎 | QJAM
 5:30PM UTC, Mon 10 Aug

“DANGER’S WORLD” Coming Soon! 🌎

Link up with me for a special live chat. 😈 We’ll be discussing my upcoming video podcast series DANGER’S WORLD, my latest album release FIREBIRD, & any other interesting topics you all wanna talk about!!! Ask me a dope question & win a PERSONALIZED “Digital Autograph” ✍🏻✍🏻✍🏻. The queue will only pick 30 fans (at random), but everybody gets to participate, watch and comment. 🧠 So hit up your friends, roll up some 🔥, pour up some 🥃, and pop up on me! 🛸 PLUS: I’m gonna give you guys an exclusive sneak peak preview of some of my new UNRELEASED upcoming singles, right at the start of the event!!! 🤯

THE Q (5)

Vanessa Wachira, Esq.
Ericha Fabay
Abde 0628491301
Sam McGee
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