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QJAM redefines the meet & greet experience to make it easy for you to build your relationship with your followers on a global scale.

Engagement is key

Your biggest fans can drive a massive amount of streams. On average, the top 5% of your fans are listening 6x more than the rest. Don’t forget to connect with your biggest supporters, even as you chase new listeners.


Enter QJAM.

Pre-event buzz

Schedule a QJAM event, share the link to social media, and watch as news of the event spreads like wildfire.

Fans join the Q for the chance to live video chat with you and connect with each other in the Event Lounge before the event starts.

Fans chatting in the Event Lounge on QJAM

Go Live

Start the Q to bring on fans. They will be dying to ask you their burning questions, explain how you've changed their life, or just to tell you they love you.

Digital Signings

Send your fans a personalised signing during your 1-to-1 live video chat that they can treasure forever.

QJAM shared on instagram

Shareable memories

Fans can download and share their video chat and signing to social media straight after the event.

Post-event buzz

After the event has ended, watch as the wave of excitement about their QJAM experience floods social media.

Post event user tweets

Engagement Strategies

Album signing day

Promote your new album or single with a digital signing event.

Pre-concert meet & greet

Chat with fans before a concert to get them engaged and excited.

Merchandise promotion

Incentivise your fans to purchase your content. Distribute unique codes to customers for exclusive access to the Q.

Heart to heart with fans

Increase engagement with your fans by hosting a QJAM event.

Reach fans

QJAM has been used by fans in over 185 countries and they can't wait to meet you.

QJAM is the go to platform for the world to engage with their heroes.

Download the free app now and sign up to get started.


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